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Quick Cash Guide for GT4 Posted by Kerr 01/27/2008 8:09 PM
Rac3rx posted this information a long time ago in one of his setups, and I thought it was worth sharing in the Knowledge Base since it's a frequent question for new players...

"How do I make some quick money in GT4?"

There are a few options, but the process that follows takes a very short amount of time and nets a load of cash. Firstly, you can do this with many different setups, but since Rac3rX posted the details, you can certainly use his setup.
  • Head over to the European Hall, in there go to the Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft Event (Better known as DTM), & Enter the championship.
  • Run the Championship in either A-spec or B-spec (In B-spec use the "Steady" AI setting #3 with "Overtake" On). For both A & B Spec use “Medium" "R4” tires up front, & “Medium Hard" "R3” tires in the rear, but for the longer races use F/R R3/R2.
  • After 16 min (B-spec) or 45min (A-spec), you get $893.749.00 from selling the car that you win (Benz AMG CLK GTR) and the race prize money combined.

15,000 cr per race x 5 races = 75,000 cr
75,000 cr for the Championship Prize
743,749 cr for the sale of the Prize car

All this = 893,749 cr Total Cash

16min = 893.749 cr, never wory about the cost of anything (In the game) again.
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