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Clone a car in Gran Turismo 5 Posted by Draghon 12/17/2011 10:16 AM
Things you need before attempting:

1. 1 or 2 USB, SD, or some sort of external drive to save on

2. 2 accounts (Registered PSN Names), preferably your own as Friends are not 100% reliable
[Ex. My main name is DraghonCiege which I will refer to as 1st PSN, I sent the Paint to my secondary name ClaytonMorin which I will refer to as 2nd PSN]

3. The item you want to clone of course...

Steps: (assuming you have only one USB drive card)

1. Send desired item (Paint, Suits, Helmets, Horns, and/or Car*) to the 2nd PSN or the one you aren't going to use the item on.

2. Log onto the game on the 2nd PSN you just sent the item to

3. Retrieve the item(s) from the community gifts section

4. Save game (I manually save as I don't trust the auto save for this)

5. Log out of game

6. Go to the "Save Data Utility (PS3)" and select the GT5 data with /\ (Triangle)

7. "Copy" data to the USB drive

8. Go back into the 2nd PSN GT5 game and send wanted "item(s)" to 1st PSN

9. Log out of game and go back to "Save Data Utility (PS3)" still under the 2nd PSN

10. This time go into the USB card, which will be one of the top most icons, and select the GT5 data there with /\ (Triangle)

11. "Copy" that back to the 2nd PSN PS3 account

12. Rinse and repeat steps 8, 9, 10 and 11 for more items...

* You may only send 5 each of each item and only 1 car per day, or as I have confirmed 22 hours (Correction, I have sent 16 suits and 8 helmets, but it's been a few months since I traded any, maybe they roll over the trade item count)

Whew........... tons of typing....... but the process only takes less than 5 minutes
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